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“As graphic designer and artist, I see objects as shapes, lines and forms with surfaces upon which to tell stories. acting like a second skin where images and narratives can be projected.”


About RICE COLLECTION                




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Each of the six designs in the RICE COLLECTION begins by meticulously arranging individual grains of rice on a glass plate.

Scanned at high resolution and exported to photoshop, the patterns are slightly altered and transformed into wallcoverings in various colors.

The goal is always to ensure that the final wallpaper design maintains the integrity of each unique grain of rice.


The viewer should be able to appreciate the larger design patterns, as well as the natural beauty of the detail of the grain from close up.

About SIGLO Collection

SIGLO is the first modular system of wall coverings developed by Stefan Hengst. These easy-to-install, CUSTOMIZABLE PANELS are based on VINTAGE PHOTOS of SPAIN. These panels are designed to become ANCHORS of a SPACE, making them an ideal wallpaper alternative in residential and commercial environments including building lobbies, hotel rooms, restaurants and bars.

Each design is printed on commercial grade fabric (fire rated A (type II) and comes with an lightweight aluminium frame that easily can be attached to a wall. The system is modular, easy-to-install and works well in combination with soundproofing material (not included).


Custom embellishment

Each panel can be altered and embellished with a subtle layer of hand applied natural mica fragments. Stefan Hengst personally adds this finishing touch, making sure each panel is finished up to perfection. The mica enhances the panels in a subtle way by delicately reflecting the light, constantly changing the design ever so slightly from morning to night. Starting at $3200 (without mica) / $3700 (with mica) for 96”W x 90”H.



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