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Each project is an opportunity to redefine the possibilities of an interior space and create an experiment in living and working that can push the boundaries of any contemporary environment. The images I create work in tandem with the surface or objects that they cover β€” walls, ceramics, glassware, furniture and textiles for now β€” but it’s the possibilities of the materials and the stories you want to tell that lead me in new creative directions.

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LIFE ON A STRING | 35 Centuries of the Glass Bead

Harry Allen asked me to collaborate with him on a feature exhibition ‘Life on a String: 35 Centuries of the Glass Bead’ for the Corning Museum of Glass.

A graphic identity for the exhibit, from logo, signage to wallpaper and products were created for the museum. The emphasis was on the beads themselves, which provided great visual interest. Beads form the logo and are applied as patterns on the wall. Most of the graphics in the show, from the entry logo to the object description, are applied seamlessly as digital printed wallpaper.

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