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NY Trash. BOFFO Installation


This project was inspired by the distressed, faded decay that is around us everyday. I wanted to capture the ordinary items and objects that we bring into our daily lives and homes after they have been thrown away. It is both a reflection on mass production and the limitations of time, as well as a call to action.Recycling and upcycling are necessary in our culture, but I believe our survival and success depends on our being able to consume things that nourish us in creative, life-giving ways, too. Life as we live it creates litter and loss, but I find wonder in the leftovers that I photograph and then recombine into intricate patterns that we can invite back inside to adorn our permanent or temporary domestic and commercial environments.

Today we can take digital photographs and have an instant picture. Digital imaging lets me add in subtle layers to tell the stories and leave behind my mark. I think it’s a revolutionary approach to the evolution of what we use, what we want, and what we need to live a comfortable, sustainable and safe life.

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