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“As graphic designer and artist, I see objects as shapes, lines and forms with surfaces upon which to tell stories. I imagine every surface as a backdrop where we can project our personal ideas and narratives to make them a part of our everyday life.”


NEW!  Collection 7F


These new metallic wallcoverings were introduced at the ICFF in New York earlier this year.
Collaboration with designer / artist 
Erin Sullivan.

Below a short artist impression of The Boregaard Collection to get a feeling of the metallic paper [shot by Jennifer Kanter ]  © 2014

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Recent Press

Recent Press


My design philosophy is multi- disciplinary and multidimensional and takes into account your ideas, personalities + pocketbooks. Find out more about working with me on an interior or graphic design project, or a photographic commission.


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What works best these days is a combined effort.

Whether it is a logo + branding assignment, a showroom installation, a restaurant or home design project, or custom designed wallpaper — working together works best.


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I’m thrilled to introduce Bling Bling, my third collection of wall coverings. Inspired by jewelry of Pedro Boregaard and photos I took of jewelry in Spain. These made to order wallpapers are available for residential and commercial projects.


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I like to call myself a photographic poet. Every moment of every day is full of brief encounters with multiple realities — from the trash on the New York City sidewalks to images taken from the Internet or an impromptu still life or portrait.


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Selected video and photo posts of things I see around me.

city reflections

Screen shot 2012-11-06 at 8.33.09 PM

reflections.stefanhengst from stefan hengst on Vimeo.

city that never sleeps


First post in a series of New Yorkers.      

vet on ninth

Screen shot 2012-11-06 at 8.26.59 PM

vet.stefanhengst from stefan hengst on Vimeo.