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Smoke + Mirrors. Shining Armor Collection



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About SHINING ARMOR collection

This series of metallic wallcoverings is based on images shot of Medieval Armor. Available in the series SMOKE+MIRRORS, RAYURES, VIA LATTEA, ENSEMBLE and CHAINMAIL. All made to order to accommodate almost any kind of customization to meet your creative vision. Available in both high gloss and brushed mylar. For trade at $164 per yard (48″ wide).


The SMOKE + MIRRORS series as show above is available in the following patterns:
- FULL COLOR | 13.SASM.FC.01 (in high gloss + matte brushed silver mylar)
- SILVER | 13.SASM.SLV.01 (in high gloss + matte brushed silver mylar)
- GOLD | 13.SARA.GLD.01 (in high gloss + matte brushed gold mylar)


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