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OncoWand is an interactive installation that captures short pivotal moments (key stories) of patients dealing with cancer. In short one minute sound bites current (and/or previous) cancer patients share their important insights regarding this disease with others. Visitors to this installation can sit down, plug in and and listen to the stories. The goal of OncoWand is to inspire and stimulate others by sharing these personal but also universal sources of wisdom.

In the logo I brought the 3 elements together that are most essential for OncoWand: the human, sound and the keyhole. By sharing pivotal (key) stories creating keys to others to deal with the disease.
The concept of OncoWand was originated by Bartho Hengst, my brother from
The Netherlands. To celebrate his 50th birthday he decided to create
something meaningful and asked his brothers to develop this with him.
The project is currently in production.

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